Due to the strict food regulations surrounding catering for young children, we are unable to provide "in-house" meals.

A.P.E must order from a specialised catering company for young children. The catering service we use offers meals of good quality consisting mainly of organic ingredients.

Bread, fruit and vegetables are bought directly by A.P.E from good quality organic suppliers, served daily as a complement to the catered meals and as an afternoon snack.


Parents are welcome to enter the classroom every morning to say goodbye to their child, and every evening so that members of the team can inform each parent about the day, from an educational point of view but also a practical point of view such as whether they ate and napped well, etc.
Children in the older group based at Rue Cassette are expected to arrive between 8:30 and 9:00 so that school activities can begin promptly.
The younger children based at Rue Fleurus are expected between 8:30 and 9:30.


The location of A.P.E means that children can regularly visit the Jardin du Luxembourg (weather permitting).
The youngest children are transported in a little red wagon which can carry up to 8 children.
For us, it is important that the school remains outward looking as much as possible. That is why, children also regularly visit the market on Boulevard Raspail to observe the seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as visit the André Malraux library.


During school holidays, A.P.E remains open and maintains the same school hours except that activities are exclusively recreational. The school holidays are an opportunity to take children out more often, for example to exhibitions, the library or the cinema.
Children are in mixed age groups during the holiday period.

We are also able to welcome previous pupils and children from other schools during the holiday period and wednesdays.