The fees charged by A.P.E include all the services offered, teaching, workshops and school trips, opening during school holidays, after school club from 4.30 pm to 6.15 pm. :
Five options are available, all from Monday to Friday, and including the holiday period (A.P.E is only closed between August and the week between Christmas and New Year).
- full time, from 8:30 to 6.15 pm - fee: 1380€ per month.
- three-quarter time from 8.30 am to 3 pm or from 11.30 am to 6.15 pm - price: 980€ per month
- half-time from 8.30 to 12 or from 15 to 6.15 pm - fee: 720€ per month.
- Lunch is charged a 4€, afternoon snack at 2€.

+ Registration fee: 400€.
+ Please note the invoiced fees can be tax deducted.


Children must be at least two years old to enrol in A.P.E.
A.P.E accepts children who have not yet been potty trained. It welcomes children who do not speak French at home or have not yet been exposed to the French language. Similarly. A.P.E accepts children for whom enrolment would be their first experience in collective care.

The headteacher, Geraldine Lefebvre meets each family individually for an interview prior to registration. Registration at A.P.E is annual, from September to June. (A.P.E is also open until the end of July for those who wish their children to attend during the holiday period).

All children take part in a period of adaptation involving parents and teachers while the child settles into their new environment. During this period, parents leave their children at A.P.E for gradually longer periods.